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White Wines

1. CHARDONNAY, The Citrus Tree
(South Eastern Australia) A refreshing and crisp Chardonnay, packed with grapefruit, lime and melon flavours, all bound in a zesty citrus which cuts through to the finish. (2)
Bottle-£15.90  175ml- £4.20  250ml- £6.00

2. PINOT GRIGIO, Casa de Rossa
(Veneto, Italy) Lemony on the nose, with a delicious balance in the mouth, this Pinot Grigion is a very easy to drink dry white, with a sublime lingering finish reminiscent of fresh garden herbs and peach. (2)
Bottle- £16.90  175ml- £4.40  250ml- £6.20

3. SAUVIGNON BLANC, Mack & Collie 
(Marlborough, New Zealand) A herny, bright Sauvignon, brimming with crisp acidity and tangy citrus flavours.  On the nose, some tropical fruits burst through, adding depths of passionfruit and melon to the wine. (2)
Bottle £16.90   175ml- £4.40   250ml- £6.20


4. RESERVE WINE, Sharpham Dart Valley
(England) This off dry and ever popular white has a light, fresh character achieved by carefully blending the different grape varieties and partially ageing in American Oak (1)
Bottle £22.50   175ml- £5.60  250ml- £7.80


5. VIOGNIER RESERVE, Bodegas Santa Ana 
(Mendoza, Argentina) Aromas of stone fruits with an alluring complexity of toasted bread and vanilla notes.  Rich and full palate with a hint of sweetness balanced by a racy acidity on the finish(2)
Bottle £22.00

6. SUR LIE, LA DIVATTE, Muscadet Sevre et Maine
(Loire, France) An intense floral bouquet with overtones of spice and fruit (5)
Bottle £23.00


(Languedoc, France) The wine is crisp, light and aromatic, with remarkable freshness on the palate.  Calssic and charming - the perfect summertime tipple. (1)




8. WHITE ZINFANDEL, Desert Rose 
(California, USA) Fruity on the nose, with intense strawberry and citrus notes.  A light and refreshing White Zinfandel with a smooth, sweet finish. (5)
Bottle- £16.90  175ml- £4.40  250ml- £6.20

9. PINOT GRIGIO BLUSH, Casa de Rossa
(Veneto, Italy) A light and refreshing rose, with fresh cranberry and raspberry notes on the nose.  On the palate, the wine is crisp, coupling citrus flavours with a strawberry core. (2)
Bottle- £16.90  175ml- £4.40  250ml- £6.20



Red Wines

10. SHIRAZ, Homeward Bound
(South Eastern Australia) Brimming with aromas of crushed black cherries, this shiraz is smooth and textured, with dark chocolateand lively spices bursting through on the palate. (B)
Bottle- £15.90  175ml- £4.20  250ml- £6.00

11. MERLOT/GRENACHE, Anciens Temps Rouge
(Vin de France) A rounf and full-bodied wine with a ripe fruit character.  Rich flavours of dark fruit give way to hints of pepper and gentle, spicy oak. (B)
Bottle- £16.90  175ml- £4.40  250ml- £6.20

12. MELODIAS MALBEC, Trapiche 
(Mendoza, Argentina) A robust, savoury wine accented by rich flavours of violets, plums and cherries.  Subtle hints of vanilla add a refined sweetness on the finish. (C)
Bottle- £18.50  175ml- £4.80  250ml- £6.70


13. RAMON BILBAO, Monte Llano Tinto Rioja
(Rioja, Spain) Simple and easy-drinking, with subtle aromas of ripened blackcurrants and raspberries leading to a fresh and structured palate, full to the brim with red berries. (B)
Bottle- £18.50  175ml- £4.80  250ml- £6.70



Champagne & Sparkling

14. PROSECCO, Tosti 
(Veneto, Italy) Delicate, with a perfumed bouquet of pear, apple and citrus fruits.  A crisp off-dry palate boasts fresh and fruity flavours, which are enhanced by a balancing swirl of minerality. (3)
Bottle- £22.00,  20cl Bottle- £6.10



15. CHAMPAGNE, Brut Baron De Marck Gobillard
(Champagne, France) A pure, soft Champagne with a stylish character.  It's fruit is fresh and appealing, bursting with apples and lemons.  An uplifting note of freshly baked brioche adds complexity and class to an elegantly balanced palate(1)
Bottle- £36.00




White and Rosé wines are designated numbers 1 to 9 with 1 being the driest and 9 being the sweetest.

Red wines are designated letters A to E with A being the lightest and softest and E being the deepest and fullest with a concentrated flavour.

125ml measures available, please request details at the bar.